Key Facts

The numbers.
Key Facts

Numbers to reflect on

Here at Dimensions we have built most items within stores from the shop front to the back of house and everything in between. Bespoke joinery fit out work and other interior display solutions have all created some staggering numbers that we are proud of over our lifetime to date.

key facts

We have been in existence for a little over 16 years now and that is some 70,000 + hours of work. We have completed our’10,000’ proficient hours standard by over 7 times.

We have completed work within approximately 90,000+ square meters of interior space that it also the equivalent of working across 410 full sized tennis courts.

Within a recent central city retail development Dimensions completed more than 2400 square meters of retail space.

For a global brand store development in Auckland during 2020 we diverted 93% of waste away from Landfill. 9.2 tons of waste were collected, and 7.8 tonnes was diverted away from landfill via a strict recycling regime. 3188 Kg’s of plasterboard was recycled along with 960kg’s of cardboard.